About Us

H.I.R.E., Inc. (Highest Integrity in Recruiting Executives) is in the business of corporate matchmaking. Established in January 1991 as a Philippine-based executive recruitment company, H.I.R.E., Inc. was conceived with the idea of addressing the needs of discriminating clients who expect a more aggressive sourcing of candidates and personalized handling of requirements.

Its founder, Babes Tengtio-Guevara, is considered a pioneer in executive recruitment in the country and remains to be an active headhunter for H.I.R.E., Inc. She is joined by experienced recruiters and research staff, who, altogether, have 40 cumulative years of professional experience.

We offer personalized and thoroughly handled services as our mantra. We believe in developing long-term relationships with both our clients and our talents.

From the early 1990s to today, 70% of our clients have given us repeat business. We consider this proof of our ability to deliver results consistently through the years.

H.I.R.E., Inc. is a founding member of the Philippine Association of Executive Search Professionals, Inc. (PAESPI), the first and only professional association of its kind in the Philippines.


Our Core Values

  • A simple but strict sense of professionalism
  • Transparency with our clients and thoroughness in our work
  • Constantly  improving ourselves and seeing through what we purport to deliver
  • Maintains the highest standards of ethics. Respects confidentiality of information, such as client identity, declares conflict of interest such as competing accounts
  • Keeps sacrosanct rules against tapping previously placed candidates or recruiting employees from active clients.

Top-rate candidates have been drawn to us due to our highly professional handling of accounts.

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